Where's Waldo (Gary & Tim)

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Click below to watch the trailer to the DVD Documentary Film, 'The Innocence of Oswald.'

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Click on the above link to hear my radio interview with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield from The Secret Truth Radio Program in Austin, TX. Recorded Nov. 3, 2015.

Podcast interview from S.T. Patrick’s www.midnightwritersnews.com

December 14, 2016.  

GARY FANNIN joined S.T. Patrick to discuss the life of Lee Harvey Oswald (1939-1963). Fannin covers Oswald’s childhood, as well as his time in the Marines, Japan, Russia, New Orleans, Mexico City, and Dallas. What were his duties in Japan? What was the purpose of the trip to Russia? Was his relationship and marriage to Marina Prusakova set up by intel? Why was he in New Orleans in 1963? Was he a Marxist-Leninist? Was he a good shot? Did he kill Officer J.D. Tippit? .. and more! Join us for episode 032 of the Midnight Writer News Show with S.T. Patrick. Click on Red link above.
Author Gary Fannin and Juliet Toth, the guests from episode 001, return for the 100th episode of the Midnight Writer News Show. And with episode 100, we return to the subject of Lee Harvey Oswald. Juliet Toth conducts Oswald-centric tours of New Orleans, visiting the places LHO worked and live throughout his stay in the Big Easy. Gary Fannin is the author of The Innocence of Oswald and the director of the documentary with the same name. Tonight, Fannin joins S.T. Patrick to discuss the successes of the 2018 JFK assassination conference, the history of Campisi’s, Fannin’s memories of his first trip to Dealey Plaza, the success of The Innocence of Oswald, what it’s like to get praised by the authors he had admired for so long, why Oswald left the TSBD to go home and grab a gun, where he might have been going had he made it out of the Texas Theatre, guessing the shooters, and much more. Click on Red link above.