Testimonials for 'The Innocence of Oswald.'

Mr. Fannin has compiled many of the missing links related to Lee Harvey Oswald’s enigmatic past into a chronicle that rejects his legend as “JFK’s assassin.” Instead, Oswald’s real role, as the “patsy”—as he had plaintively declared, before his own execution shortly thereafter—of the carefully orchestrated operation, becomes ever more clear. Now we can conclusively state that this was, in fact, his unwitting role in the “crime of the century.”
Philip F. Nelson,
Author of “LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination.”
Gary Fannin has produced a masterpiece. He truly has done his homework. Not only does he provide detailed evidence and numerous color photographs concerning the assassination of JFK and the ensuing cover-up but like a skilled attorney would do he pulls all the threads together in a comprehensive way so that the reader (member of the jury) comprehends the who, how and why of the JFK assassination conspiracy that forever changed America and the world
Douglas Caddy
Attorney for E. Howard Hunt & Billie Sol Estes, Houston, TX
Excellent research and documents clearly prove Oswald’s innocence in the events of 11/22/63. Oswald’s U.S. Intelligence background was well orchestrated from 1957-1963 by the CIA, FBI, Naval Intelligence and ultimately the role of ‘patsy’ by Lyndon B. Johnson. ‘The Innocence of Oswald’ proves the U.S. Government had Intelligence ties to Lee Harvey Oswald years before the assassination of our 35th President and suppressed the information to the Dallas Police Department, the Secret Service and the Warren Commission.”
Roger Stone
Author of “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ."”
Gary Fannin's 'The Innocence of Oswald' tells it like it is. Oswald was a patsy. What Gary has done is focus on the facts, what I consider the history. Solid, complete and right on. Any reader will be duly impressed and persuaded. Oswald will be a key figure, a compelling history in the most treacherous case in America because I see Gary's leadership taking us to the exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald. Turning the American majority's understanding of the conspiracy into the history needed. Thank you, Gary. The action to be taken is obvious. Your exceptional book leads the way. And it was both an eye-opener and page-turner for me and for any member of the jury to be convened. I refer any reader to the review by Doug Caddy for he tells what is needed from the legal standpoint, from what Gary has done. Forward we move, now inevitably.
Barr McClellan,
Attorney for Lyndon B. Johnson, author of 'Blood Money & Power--How LBJ Killed JFK.'
The Innocence of Oswald provides relevant information about critical aspects of the JFK assassination and opens up new vistas regarding the extent of the political conspiracy involved in this matter. Gary Fannin has done a masterful job in identifying various documents that clearly demonstrate the fallacy of the WCR’s conclusion regarding Lee Harvey Oswald.
Cyril H. Wecht, M.D., J.D.
Forensic Pathologist
Well researched and documented by Gary Fannin, a man of integrity in the search for truth in the assassination of President John Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit. This book is a must read for people who are just beginning to question the "Official Report," or the seasoned researcher.
Beverly Oliver,
eyewitness to JFK assassination and author of “Nightmare in Dallas.”
This book does an excellent job of explaining the involvement of the many factions involved in the JFK assassination. It's a great and important addition to the JFK literature. And, an enjoyable and unique aspect is the inclusion of many excellent color photographs that really breathe life into this fascinating story. Great job, Mr. Fannin!
David Wayne
co-author with Richard Belzer, of 'Hitlist,' 'Dead Wrong' and 'Corporate Conspiracies.'
The first rule of any political assassination is "silence the assassin", Author Gary Fannin's book is full of 1st person witness accounts, historical photos and contemporary as well. For anyone uncertain about the suspicions that surround the silencing of Lee Harvey Oswald by known under world connected Jack Ruby, this book is a winner
Brent Holland
Author "JFK Assassination from the Oval Office to Dealey Plaza" and Host of Night Fright Show
Gary's book "The Innocence of Oswald" is without a doubt one of the best, clearest, informative books on the subject. It compiles the best evidence and presents it in an easy unfettered manner.
St. John Hunt
Author of 'Bond of Secrecy' & 'Dorothy', son of CIA Agent & Watergate burglar, E. Howard Hunt
Finally a book that prints on facts, not speculation. Would recommend this to all JFK readers.
S. Ellison,
Richmond, IN
'Gary Fannin has more knowledge of the JFK assassination than anyone, outside of Mark Lane.’
John Barbour
Producer of The Jim Garrison Tapes (Sans Sebastian Film Winner) and 5 Time Emmy Award Winner, Las Vegas, NV
Using a wide variety of sources, Gary Fannin has put together a good overview of the JFK assassination. The graphics are excellent and the passion and enthusiasm of the author shines on every page.
Vince Palamara
Fabulous presentation of the author's theory! Gary has diligently researched every conceivable aspect of the timeline of events surrounding the assassination of JFK. He supports his theory with sound logic, and personally verified documentation. While many other authors simply regurgitate the writings of others, Gary actually "walked in the footsteps of Oswald" throughout the DFW metroplex, personally speaking with as many living witnesses and key players (or their survivors) as possible over the past 35 years. His backup documentation and photos support his theory, giving the reader a clear visual of the chain of events. Gary even manages to provide irrefutable proof that Lee Oswald was not who they represented him to be. This book is a "must have" for anyone interested in the truth about what happened that day, and who was likely behind it.
Laurie Cobb
Marietta, GA
Like other reviewers, I, too, have read more than 100 books on the JFK assassination, but none comes close to this superior, historical, literary achievement. Gary Fannin's research in quantity and quality is astounding. Gary presents the subject from several new and unique perspectives, the most impressive of which is the fact that, unlike virtually every other JFK author, all of whom offer conjecture and personal opinion, Gary boldly provides names, places and specific roles of each participant in the conspiracy. Other authors and historians base their opinions on inconclusive or incomplete evidence, resulting in vague inference as to specifics. Gary leaves no stone unturned and courageously provides pure, pertinent, factual information supported by exceptional research. In the unlikely event that you choose to read only one book on the JFK assassination, let it be this one.
Phil Moses, Westlake Village,
Author, and researcher Gary Fannin has done a wonderful job of compiling new and never before seen information surrounding the assassination of our 35th president John F. Kennedy. His book " The Innocence of Oswald" is a well written, and masterfully researched book, Gary introduces readers, as well as researchers to new looks at some old evidence. He was able to get unpresidented access to quality materials, and people, making his book truly one of a kind!
Chris Gallop
JFK-The Continuing Inquiry
I have read over 100 books on this subject. Some very good, some very bad. Gary Fannin's book is one of the best I have read. He states facts and backs them up with official documents from that time. His conclusions are concise and clear, and I believe closer to the truth of what took place in Dealey Plaza than any other versions I have read. If you, like myself, have read many books on this subject, or none, I would say this is a must read book for all. Hope to hear more from this author.
Charles La Barbera,
Wakefield, R.I.
I could not put this book down. I usually read two or three books at a time, picking them up and putting them down as the mood strikes me, but this book I read straight through from the moment I picked it up. The Innocence of Oswald isn’t your typical 800 page JFK assassination tome laying out every last detail of political backstory. Usually those books are slogs and only end up attempting to explain that, despite all the intrigue, Oswald was a lone nut who pulled off this (literal) coup on his own. I have long been unconvinced by that narrative–probably since I was old enough to understand that Oswald said “I’m a patsy,” and soon after was himself assassinated while in police custody–but the truth of what exactly did happen has remained to me uncertain. I have boiled it down to the likelihood that either the CIA did it or LBJ did it or both. Fannin leans to the Johnson explanation and provides some compelling evidence for that position, particularly an accounting of LBJ’s bizarre demand that he be sworn in on Air Force One as it was about to fly JFK’s body to DC, insisting Jackie leave her husband’s casket and stand at the new president’s side just two hours after she scrambled to pick up the pieces of JFK’s brain as he was assassinated beside her. Fannin’s conclusions were fascinating and well-supported, but they weren’t what kept me riveted to the book. What kept me turning page after page was the book’s cataloging of the copious evidence that weighs against the notion that Oswald was a lone assassin. Fannin’s presentation of the evidence was not bogged down by every nuance of the events of the day, nor did the author bury the evidence among assumptions and speculation that can obscure the facts in many of the bulkier treatments of the subject. Because of this, however, I found that already having a working knowledge of the events and controversies surrounding the assassination was helpful in getting the most out of the book. The Innocence of Oswald is self-published so it doesn’t have the high polish a big publishing house would give it, but it’s well-worth the trade-off to have at your fingertips an uncensored, scrupulously researched collection of convincing evidence against the fatally flawed mainstream narrative of an event that marked the dawning of a new age in government power and media collusion.
-Monica Perez
Host of 'The Monica Perez Show' on WSB Radio, Atlanta, GA
As a 12-year old boy, I laid eyes on Lyndon Johnson for the first time as he took the oath of office on Air Force One, Jackie Kennedy beside him in her blood-stained pink suit. I said to my Mother "I don't trust that man!" Never has gut instinct been so insightful! The American people have been lied to for over 50 years, by our Government and the media, as to what really happened in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. It was a classic Roman assassination, with every participant having something to lose if JFK were to live, chief among them LBJ, who was off the Democratic ticket in the next election and probably headed to jail. Gary Fannin's book proves once and for all who the conspirators were, and that Lee Harvey Oswald was the ultimate patsy, set up to take the fall for crimes he did not commit. If you're a true American patriot this book should move you to tears, then anger and hopefully action, by demanding that our government and the media come forward with the truth. John F. Kennedy's murder is the darkest stain in American history - we murdered our own President, and lost our innocence as a nation in the process. Once you've read Mr. Fannin's well-researched and documented tome, you won't be asking who killed JFK, you'll be asking why the people who did have never been brought to justice, and why our Government has kept the truth from us for over 50 years. A compelling, sobering read and a must for anyone seeking the truth!
Tim Brennan,
co-author, 'JFK-Marked For Death--"Who Stood to Lose Had JFK Lived."
I was only 15 years old when JFK was killed, and oddly enough, the first thought that came to my mind was 'LBJ did it'! I know that seems very odd for someone of that age, but it just made logical, common sense to me as LBJ was the person who had the most to gain from his death, plus I had heard all the Bobby Baker and Billie Sol Estes scandal reports, and that seemed to confirm what my thought was. Strangely, I became more forgiving and thought that he probably didn't have him killed. But later in my life, and with this book, I have come full circle to my original thought that, yes, LBJ did have it done. This is a very well written book with lots of detail, and it is one of those that's like how people describe the typical New Yorker: very in-your-face and extremely clear in the writer's opinion, and the facts presented. Thanks, Gary Fannin, for this great book, as it helps to reveal even more of the truth, and we sorely need that, especially for those who still have their head in the sand regarding the CIA and the U.S. Government! A definite must read!-
Jim Bellomy
Martinez, CA.
One of the best examinations of a complex man as well as what many researchers believe to be the key to understanding the events of 11-22-63. Researcher John Judge once told me that, in terms of research, the key is to leave Dealey Plaza and focus on LHO. Author Fannin’s examination of the 50+ years worth of declassified info will not only leave the reader with a much deeper understanding of LHO’s attempt to thwart the assassination but, more importantly, will thoroughly lead an objective reader to the undeniable conclusion that JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy involving US intelligence. Read this book-
Randy Benson
Director/Producer of the JFK Documentary film, 'The Searchers.'
This is a magnificent book that is well-researched and lays out its case nicely. Exceeded my expectations. A great deal more than just "Oswald didn't do it" - goes into detail with evidence and lays out a very plausible scenario as to what really did happen, and why and how Tippit's murder ties in. This book is a very important part of the JFK reference body…and a very compelling and well-written read to boot. Required reading for anyone with interest in what happened in Dallas on 22 November 1963.
Alan W., Marietta, GA
Author, and researcher Gary Fannin has done a wonderful job of compiling new and never before seen information surrounding the assassination of our 35th president John F. Kennedy. His book " The Innocence of Oswald" is a well written, and masterfully researched book, Gary introduces readers, as well as researchers to new looks at some old evidence. He was able to get unpresidented access to quality materials, and people, making his book truly one of a kind!
Chris Gallop
JFK-The Continuing Inquiry
The definitive book on President Kennedy's assassination! I couldn't put it down until I finally heard the truth as to who the shooters were. Thank you, Gary, for putting this 50+ years mystery to rest. I only wish the media would have given this book the priority it deserved.
Pamela Ewing
Saginaw, MI
This book epitomizes what journalism is supposed to be and, unfortunately, rarely is, especially with regard to the killing of President Kennedy and the aftermath. I have read many books about the assassination and Oswald in the last 25 years. "The Innocence of Oswald" is one of the best. It lays out all the known facts and possibilities without speculation and thus shows the impossibility of Oswald being THE shooter. Nor is it possible that he killed Officer Tippit. Despite its just-the-facts approach, "The Innocence of Oswald" is a riveting read that is difficult to put down. I commend Gary Fannin for his tireless efforts in a culture where the power elite and its media allies have sought to undermine those seeking the truth by labeling them "conspiracy theorists" or "nuts." I look forward to more of his research.
Connie Lauerman,
Chicago, Illinois
This book is skillfully written by a lifelong JFK assassination researcher, Gary Fannin. Fannin leaves "no stone unturned" in his meticulous gathering of facts as he lays the plot out in a very thought provoking way. This book is a full-fledged punch in the eye to anyone believing what the Warren Commission claimed. This book challenges the governments propaganda and leaves you asking: what if Lee Harvey Oswald was really innocent? I suggest that everyone add this book to their list of "must reads." I am certainly glad that I did.
Steve Ubaney
Author of Who Murdered Elvis & Who Murdered FDR.
As a long time student of the JFK assassination and so many years of reading multiple books on the subject, this fairly new book by Gary Fannin is a tremendous feat and will rank up there with some of the best ever written on the subject. Self published, his years of research can be read on every page. The brilliance of this book is combining 35 years of research into a cohesive story, showing through words, documents and photographs, evidence that so clearly demonstrates the innocence of Lee Oswald. This book should be read by anyone who seriously wants to learn as much as possible about the greatest crime in our history. History will prove how accurate the author's conclusions are to the real truth. Your research and conclusions as to where the evidence takes you is uncanny. Most of the conclusions are what I have been thinking on my own for some time now. But the genius that you bring to your book is weaving all the evidence together and demonstrating so thoroughly how it leads to the innocence of Lee. Superb job!! Wishing you all the success on one of the best books to date on the most important story ever told!-
Rick Singerman,
Los Angeles, CA
I have been following the JFK Assassination since my Mom introduced me to the newspapers and magazines she had saved when I was 7 years old. Over the years I have read and purchased many books on this topic. I found myself not being able to put Mr Fannin’s book down. He backs up his facts with outstanding evidence and digs into area’s not mentioned before till now. Gary tells a very believable story of a tragedy that changed America and created a “Deep State” still felt today by the current President.
Ken Caron
Patchogue, NY
I have been studying the assassination for about 25 years and have perused several books and studied various resources. This book puts it all together. Excellent research, excellent theory of the who, the what and the where. The author delves into every angle from Russians to Cubans to the mafia to the US intelligence community. Very impressed with the book. Wish I had bought a hard copy. Definitely something to have on hand for reference. Extremely thorough
Donovan Duke
If you are interested in the JFK assassination, and specifically, the Lee Harvey Oswald aspect of the case - then this book is for you! Gary does a great job presenting some new information about Oswald he's compiled over his 35+ year interest and journey in this case. This is the first time I have seen such a comprehensive presentation of all the information potentially exonerating the man killed by Jack Ruby (if he had ever lived to go to trial) from the involvement in JFK's murder all in one place. A fantastic read for both people new to having an interest in the JFK assassination or for seasoned veterans who have been interested as far back as the day it happened. Gary's passion for the subject shines through in this book and he has done his homework in presenting it in a way that is thought-provoking and puts the Warren Commission's conclusions about Lee Harvey Oswald in it's place...on the fiction shelf of your local library.
Ryan Lisk
Atlanta, GA
"Gary Fannin has written the definitive book on the JFK assassination. In it you will find answers that fifty documentaries have been unable to. I highly recommend you read this book then send a copy to your local TV's investigative reporting journalist and a copy to your Congressman and Senator. "
D. Harris
Atlanta, GA
An excellent read with well thought out conclusions, great for the novice or the experienced researcher alike. With excellent quality photos of some of those that many researchers have only seen in low quality for years, the author is clearly familiar with the known material, presents his case cogently, and, with access to the files of early researcher Gary Shaw, pounds another nail into the coffin of the Warren Commission's highly flawed conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. As Oswald himself said, "I didn't shoot anybody." Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent and this book helps establish that fact. Highly recommended!
Brian Lloyd
Attorney, Washington, D.C.
It was a pleasure to read Gary Fannin’s new book, THE INNOCENCE OF OSWALD, as hard-nosed, no-nonsense, JFK Research has become more of a rarity these days; having written about many of these same topics, of JFK assassination research, despite having arrived at some differences in the details, I was amazed and found myself smiling and nodding in agreement at the large number of over-all conclusions we share; some that come to mind are: the conspirator’s sign-off meeting at the Murchison mansion (the night of 11/21/63) where Richard M. Nixon was a participant, Lee Oswald did not shoot JFK or J.D. Tippit and was not even on the TSBD 6th floor or at 10th and Patton during those shootings, Malcolm Wallace was a TSBD 6th floor shooter, Roscoe White was a grassy knoll shooter from behind the picket fence, Hugh Aynesworth is CIA, Lee Oswald’s purported exit from Dealey plaza by bus/cab never happened because Oswald was picked up by station wagon (in front of the TSBD) at 12:40 pm, Dan Rather lied, over and over, to protect the conspirators, the McCone to Rowley memo proves Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Agent trained by the Unites States Government. JFK Researcher Gary Fannin’s painstaking, blistering and revealing JFK assassination research is First Rate and I give his new book FIVE STARS.
JFK Researcher Richard M. Hooke 12/2/2015
An outstanding, in depth resource concerning the JFK assassination. It positively shows how Lee Oswald was but an innocent pawn employed by the U.S. government to infiltrate insidious organizations who then turned on him to take the blame. Well documented and worth the price of admission. A must have for JFK researchers..kudos to Mr. Fannin.
Marty E.,
Garden City, MI
I've read many books on the Kennedy Assassination and I rank this one at the top (for debunking the theory that Oswald was the assassin). Quite a bit of research went into this book. After reading this book, there can be no doubt that Oswald was a patsy. I stopped believing the Warren Report years ago (because to believe the Warren Report is to believe that bullets make 90 degree turns in mid-air). I thoroughly enjoyed much of the new material that the author incorporated. I also recommend the book "The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination" so you can clearly understand all of the forces behind this event and how/why the mob got involved. As an assassination buff, I give this book rave reviews.
David R
San Antonio, TX
When I first began reading this book, I was thinking it would be just more of the same things I've read in many other JFK assassination books, and I've read a lot. However, I soon realized there was much more than I expected! Without giving away what those things are, I'll just say Mr. Fannin has shared information about particular characters involved in the murder that I haven't read anywhere else. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in two days. Of particular interest is his account of "the kill zone", which has always been a puzzle to me: Who was there? Who wasn't there? Although he admits there may be some error to his account, the way he has put this puzzle together makes more sense than anything else I've read before! This seems to be the only scenario with the complete picture where all the pieces fit almost perfectly. I encourage anyone looking for real answers to read this book!
L. Baugh
Bowie, TX
While serving in the Marine Corps I was once told by a Marine Officer that one can dazzle someone with their brilliance or baffle them with bulls**t. There is no BULLS**T in this book. Gary Fannin does not speculate - he provides hard concrete facts and supporting documentation. For those that have not read the books of the earlier researcher or even later researchers I would recommend this book as their starting point. Clear, precise, and to the point. Three men were murdered in Dallas between November 22nd and November 24th 1963, their lives mattered as we hear so many say today. One of the three (Oswald) was murdered while in police custody for the murders of the other two, here is that story with as the T.V. character 'Sergeant Joe Friday' ('Dragnet') would say, (with) "Just the facts".
Jim Maze Jr.
San Diego, CA
Billy Joel sang the words "JFK blown away...what else do I have to say!" Well Gary Fannin has a lot to say in his excellent book "The Innocence Of Oswald." It is a persuasive, unambiguous and determined defense of Lee Oswald and that he was what he said he was...a "patsy." I have read many Kennedy assassination books over the years and would highly recommend this book to experienced researchers and those new to the case. The author covers many aspects of the case including the murder of Officer Tippit, the 7.65 Mauser rifle originally identified at the Texas School Book Depository on the 22nd November 1963, Oswald's interrogation, the medical evidence, the role of US intelligence and the complicity of the mainstream media in covering up what really happened in Dallas. In every aspect, the author makes a compelling case that Lee Oswald was not involved and was in fact framed. The text is also supported by many excellent and clear photographs. Billy Joel sang about "An Innocent Man." Whilst that song was not about Lee Oswald, Gary Fannin's book leaves little room for doubt that that was exactly what Lee Oswald was. Please buy and find out for yourself!
Scott Reid,
United Kingdom
Great book for anyone who has an interest in learning about the murder of our 35th president. Gary has great info and pictures proving Lee Oswald was framed for the murder of John Kennedy as well as officer Tippit. A great resource for new researchers and seasoned veterans
William Cole
Raleigh, NC
I have read many books on the Kennedy Assassination. The author has done a great job in laying everything out with excellent research, graphics and pictures. You can tell the author (Gary Fannin) is truly dedicated to finding the truth. The book points fingers, names-names, and by the end - you too will know about "The Innocence of Oswald"
Sonny Garza
Gary Fannin lays out a well documented case that Oswald is innocent. FBI documents & more evidence gathered up in one book washes out the crud of lies, deception & misinformation so forced upon many generations and helps make the truth clear that Oswald was an honorable man who respected Kennedy, infiltrated group who was to assassinate the beloved president, helped try to avert his death. A must have book to go along with Judyth Vary Bakers Me & Lee. The truth will someday help exonerate the late Lee Oswald but also those still living like innocent Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden, several others long maligned by deceitful politicians, authorities, media.
Harriette Sucher,
Clearlake, CA
As someone in their early 30s, everything I know of the Kennedy assassination has come second hand. What Gary Fannin is able to do through this book is paint a descriptive picture of how that fateful day unfolded and explain in detail the flaws and mishandling of the investigation. You don't have to be a JFK historian to appreciate this book and the thought-provoking view of the events
Stan Hunt
Jacksonville, FL
Highly recommend this book to anyone who wants answers about the murder of our 35th president. A digestible, easy read, with some side humor that keeps it light as you delve into History and the lies of the Warren Commission. Thank you Gary Fannin for making your life's work about uncovering the truth. Well done!
Jennifer Joyce
Baltimore, MD
Fannin's book provides both dedicated researchers and novices with a solid summation about the facts of Kennedy's assassination. The sections on Roscoe White, Sol Estes and the sequence of shots in Dealey Plaza that day are very revealing. A must read.
Peter Johnsen
This book has kept me up nights. This book has compiled the "Warren Commission's" report, what a scam that was, and many other opinions. It has given me facts, not conjecture. Where opinion is stated, the author states that very clearly. He has attempted to give the reader the benefit of all the research he has done. Some of his information may have never been known about! It has been difficult to put down, and too easy to pick up and read! If, like myself, you have shyed away from the newest theory, this is a must read.
Julie V.,
Marshall, MN