Testimonials for 'RFK Marked for Death'

Gary Fannin and Tim Brennan have been investigating the assassination of President Kennedy for many years. I am happy to see that they have now published this book about Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination as well. The RFK assassination is clearly as much of an unsolved mystery as the murder of his brother John. Not enough has been researched about the assassination. Gary and Tim’s work is a fresh look at the murder. The Robert Kennedy assassination is something that people should care deeply about, especially younger people who are quite deeply affected by the murder of the man who would most probably have been the next President of the United States and would have ended the Vietnam war years earlier, saving countless lives. The world needs to think and learn more about the RFK case and understand what questions that still need to be answered about the 1968 murder of a truly great man. Robert J. Groden, author/researcher who released The Zapruder Film on Geraldo Rivera’s ‘Late Night America,’ March 6, 1975.

Robert J. Groden 1st Generation Researcher who released the Zapruder Film March 6, 1975

“Gary Fannin is the leading second-generation researcher into the political assassinations of the 1960’s. Gary Fannin and Tim Brennan’s research and writing of ‘RFK—Marked For Death’ is incomparable to the lies being told by the mainstream media.”

John Barbour Producer, 'The Jim Garrison Tapes' and 'The American Media and the Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

For over 40 years, I have joined others in excavating truth; particularly related to surreptitious, yet emboldened truth related to the assassinations of courageous politicians like President John F. Kennedy (d. 1963), his brother, Senator and United States Attorney General Robert Francis Kennedy (d. 1968), American preacher and civil rights revolutionary activist Martin Luther King, Jr. (d. 1968) and other far less valued individuals, whose deaths were easily swept under the carpet of passing time. Never have I been more impressed by deeply researched, documented truths as revealed in RFK - Marked for Death by researchers/authors Gary Fannin and Tim Brennan. Those who have little time for fluff will find themselves mesmerized by their narrative covering Kennedy assassinations and even reaching into 9/11 illogical and mysterious “facts” heralded by our government. Seasoned American adults and young, perhaps less-informed truth seekers alike, are encouraged to explore Fannin and Brennan's outstanding work.

Dr. Michael Marcades, author, 'Rose Cherami, Gathering Fallen Petals' and son of Rose Cherami

"RFK-Marked For Death is a thorough and thought-provoking examination of the evidence and documentation surrounding Robert Kennedy's 1968 assassination. The authors present new evidence in such a meticulous manner, present inconsistencies, discrepancies and outright lies found within the official record. They thoroughly prove that Sirhan Sirhan's defense team did not fight against his conviction. They supported it."

Steve Cameron-Author, 'The Deputy Interviews,' Series 1-4