Gallery 2

Lead Car in Motorcade

Chief Curry was driving the Lead Car in the Motorcade with Sheriff Decker and Secret Service Agents Win Lawson and Forrest Sorrels.

Lead Car Leaves Motorcade

After the shooting, Chief Curry ‘left’ the motorcade and turned around and drove to the TSBD. How did he know shots had been fired there without an investigation even started?

Julia Ann Mercer Affidavit

Julia Ann Mercer’s Affidavit describes two people who parked a truck on the sidewalk near the Grassy Knoll on the morning of November 22, 1963. She later would pick Jack Ruby out of a mugshot lineup as the driver of the truck. Ruby was not arrested for his involvement until after he killed and silenced Lee Harvey Oswald.

Robbery & Homicide Bureau

This is where Lee Oswald was interrogated by members of the DPD, Sheriff’s Office, FBI & Secret Service after being arrested initially for the killing of J.D. Tippit.

Oswald Alleged Bus Transfer Ticket

Although this was allegedly found on Oswald after his arrest, it is not listed in possessions taken from Lee Oswald upon search. This could have been asked for by anybody on a city bus. According to Sheriff Roger D. Craig, he saw Oswald leave the TSBD and get into a Green Rambler on Elm Street immediately after the assassination and drove in a west direction (towards rooming house.)

Jack Ruby's Path to Basement Garage

This is the most likely path in which Jack Ruby entered the Municipal Building (City Jail). From the East side of the building he entered and likely took the stairs down one level to the garage. This is where he would shoot and kill Lee Oswald @ 11:17 a.m. on November 22, 1963.

Howard Brennan Description

This is Howard Brennan who was standing where the white circle was on corner of Elm and Houston. He looked up six floors (without his glasses) at the time of the shooting and said he saw a man, 5’10”, 165 lbs, slender build, approximately 30 years old that had fired two shots and then ‘admired’ his work for a moment before leaving the window. This was used as an All Points Bulletin and lead directly to the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald 70 minutes later. Brennan was unable to pick Oswald out of a police line up later that evening…even though he had his glasses.

Oswald Second Police Line Up

After the DPD’s key eyewitness, Harold Brennan, could not pick Oswald out of the original line up, their standards were relaxed to include him with a police janitor (far right) and two detectives.

Oswald Back Yard Photographs

These are two (of three) back yard photographs found after the assassination. They show Oswald with the rifle, pistol and a Communist newspaper. When the DPD showed these pictures to Oswald after his arrest he said, “they’re fake…and in time, I will prove to you they are fake.” He would not live long enough to prove their authenticity. Fortunately, photo expert Stephen Jaffe did in the Garrison case.

Oswald Head/Body Comparison

In the photos, the body size of the image on the right appears closer to the camera, therefore the head should be larger…It is not. When you compare the two head sizes, they are the same. The only difference is the head image on the right has been tilted slightly to the right.

Oswald Head Overlay

Once you slide the head image on the right over the left, you notice it has been tilted. The white rectangle is the head on the left, the gray rectangle is from the right head. Notice they are the same size.

Oswald Body Height Comparison

Once you slide the yellow line down, you notice there is a discrepancy in the size of the images. It is impossible for the head sizes to be the same if the image on the right is closer to the camera.

Robert Hughes Film

This film taken by Robert Hughes was offered to the FBI on the evening of the assassination. J. Edgar Hoover said of the film, “it has no evidentiary value as it does not show the building from which the shots were fired.” This is false. Not only does it show the building, it shows the 6th floor SE Corner window and there is no rifle protruding from the window as President Kennedy passes below the window.

Altgens 6 Photograph

This photograph was taken at the time of the first shot by Ike Altgens. It is known as Altgens 6. It depicts several key investigative elements. JFK is reacting to the throat shot from the front. On enlargement, you can see the bullet hole in the limousine front window. The Secret Service is looking over their shoulders to the sound of a shot. A man resembling Lee Oswald is in the front doorway of the TSBD. LBJ’s Secret Service follow up car has opened the door already and are protruding something from the rear driver side door/window as a signal to Johnson. LBJ has already ‘ducked down’ and is not visible in his car. Jack Ruby appears to be in Dealey Plaza as well as possible shooter(s) from the Dal-Tex Building. Other than these items, it’s just a nice photograph.

Nagell Affidavit 11/21/75

This is a November 1975 affidavit in which Richard Case Nagell admits to informing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in September 1963 of an assassination plot on President Kennedy by Lee Oswald. This was written shortly after Nagell could not convince Oswald to kill the President. Nagell also could not kill Oswald. This was before he went into the El Paso bank and fired two shots in the ceiling.

Richard Case Na​gell Involvement

Nagell who served with Oswald in the CIA was tasked with either persuading Oswald into participating in the assassination or to kill him. Nagell could do neither. After writing both his supervisor at the CIA, Desmond Fitzgerald and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, he went into a bank in El Paso and fired two shots into the ceiling and was taken into Federal custody. At trial he tried to introduce the Kennedy assassination as part of his defense. Judge Homer Thornberry ruled against Nagell’s request.

Homer Thornberry ​on Air Force 1

Besides being in the motorcade, Judge Thornberry stood directly behind LBJ during his swearing in ceremony performed by Judge Sarah Hughes (on left in polka dot dress). Had Judge Hughes not been available, Judge Thornberry could have sworn in LBJ. He was later nominated (then withdrawn) for a U.S. Supreme Court appointment by Johnson. He presided over the trial of Richard Case Nagell and refused the defense any evidence regarding the JFK assassination. It was considered a bank robbery trial and no information involving Nagell’s activities before his arrest were admitted into trial.

LBJ Swearing in Ceremony

This photograph of LBJ being sworn in as President on Air Force 1 by Sarah Hughes. Secret Service Agents Kellerman and Johns are guarding the door leading to JFK’s casket. Jackie, clearly visible with Evelyn Lincoln and Homer Thornberry between and behind Jackie and LBJ. Kenny O’ Donnell and Dave Powers are not in this image although they are present to right of Jackie. The Secret Service Agents role was critical in removing JFK’s body from the bronze ornamental casket during this time. As important as this photo is, it is the next image that was hidden by the FBI for 36 years.

The Wink Heard Round the World

This photograph was suppressed by the FBI until 1999. It depicts Congressman Albert Thomas ‘winking’ to newly sworn in President Johnson. LBJ appears to be smiling and winking back to Thomas. Lady Bird is clearly smiling. The man on the far right (in glasses) is Bill Moyers. Moyers ordered the protective bubble top off the limousine that morning at Love Field. He is the only person in this photograph that is still alive.

Air Force One Diagram

This diagram shows towards the rear of the plane where the rear entry door and JFK’s casket were located. Although this diagram is from a later model of AF1, it is similar to the layout of JFK’s SAM 26000. The Main Gallery area is where LBJ was sworn in as President. The Door & Entry to Cargo Area was 5′ from JFK’s casket. This image depicts the stairs in the cargo area. During LBJ’s swearing in ceremony, other Secret Service Agents (possibly Greer & Roberts) removed JFK’s body from the bronze casket and placed into cargo area where mortician John Liggett (and others) altered the wounds of the President’s head and placed his body in a zippered body bag and into a gray shipping casket.

Gray Navy Ambulance Getaway

This photograph is of the gray Navy ambulance with JFK’s body, Jackie and Bobby Kennedy inside leaving Andrews Air Force Base. Agents Kellerman and Greer (same two driving JFK’s limousine in Dallas) have removed the Naval personnel and are driving the ambulance to the morgue at Bethesda Naval Hospital, approximately 25 miles away.

Hubert Clark, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

This is Hubert Clark. Hubie was one of the original six Honor Guard members responsible for JFK’s casket the weekend of 11/22-25/1963. The Honor Guard ‘followed’ the gray Navy ambulance by helicopter from Andrews to Bethesda. When they landed, Lt. Bird ordered the Honor Guard to ride in the back of a pickup truck and be driven to the morgue dock awaiting the remains of the President after they dropped off Jackie and Robert Kennedy at the front of the hospital. As the ambulance (driven by Kellerman) started backing up to the morgue dock, it suddenly took off and eluded the Honor Guard for approximately 15 minutes.

Officer of the Day Bethesda, Dennis David

This is Dennis David who was the Officer of the Day at Bethesda 11/22/63. Dennis admitted to researcher Phil Singer in October 2016 that the morgue staff had JFK’s body on the table at 6:35 p.m. It arrived in a silver shipping casket with his body in a gray rubber zippered body bag with his head still wrapped in sheets. This was not how the body left Parkland. JFK’s body was wrapped in sheets, with additional sheets around his head and placed inside an ornate, expensive bronze casket. When Secret Service Agent Kellerman was eluding Honor Guard at Bethesda, this allowed for the shipping casket to be delivered.

Bethesda Autopsy Doctors

Pictured (L to R) are Drs. J. Thornton Boswell, James Humes & Pierre Finck. These were the three chosen Doctors to perform the autopsy on President Kennedy. None of these Doctors had ever performed an autopsy involving criminal gunshot wounds. One of the first remarks made by Dr. Humes was, “there’s been surgery in the head area, namely, in the top of the skull.” This was verified by the FBI Report of Sibert & O’ Neil. There was no surgery performed at Parkland so the only option to alter the wounds of the President had to occur on Air Force One on the flight back to Washington D.C.

FBI Report of Sibert & O' Neil

This is a highlighted portion of the FBI Report of Sibert & O’ Neil who were present at the autopsy. Although it states there had been a tracheotomy performed (at Parkland) it also states the Humes comment, “surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of the skull.” This was not performed in Parkland. The report also doesn’t describe the casket in which JFK’s remains arrived in.

Seymour Weitzman Affidavit

This was one of several affidavits stating that the original rifle found on the 6th Floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building was a 7.65 German Mauser and not a 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano that the DPD and later Warren Commission claimed Oswald would own. Even if this were the correct weapon, it is not Lee Oswald’s as noted by his order form below.

Klein's Sporting Goods Advertisement

On the top of this photo you will see the order form from Oswald’s alias Alek J. Hidell, for the C20-T750 rifle. Although difficult to see on this ad, the clips for a strap are located on the bottom of the rifle (as seen in ad approximately 6″ from either end of the rifle) This is not what the DPD found on their search of the 6th Floor of the TSBD as noted in the photograph below.

Rifle Found in Texas School Book Depository

In this photo, an unidentified Dallas Deputy Sheriff (possibly Buddy Walthers) carrying a rifle out of the Texas School Book Depository Building. Notice the locations of the straps. They do not match up with the Oswald rifle or the order from Klein’s ad that Oswald allegedly ordered under his alias A. J. Hidell.

Lt. Day of I.D. Division with Rifle

In this photo, Lieutenant Day of the Identification Division holds up the rifle for reporters to take pictures. Again, the location of the straps are not identical to what Oswald allegedly ordered.

Roscoe Anthony White

This is Roscoe Anthony White. White served in the Marines with Lee Oswald. They were both recruited into the CIA and were responsible for interpreting aerial reconnaissance photographs from the U-2 spy plane as they photographed the Soviet Union. After discharge, he was hired by the Dallas Police Department (photographic specialist) on October 7, 1963. It is likely that Roscoe falsified the back yard photographs of Oswald. He admitted to his wife the night before that he was ordered to kill President Kennedy the next day. He also admitted to killing a police officer (Tippit) at 10th & Patton. In his Witness Elimination Program Book and to his confession to his Pastor, Jack Shaw, he admitted to killing 28 people on foreign and domestic soil to cover-up the assassination of JFK.

Mary Ann Moorman Photograph

This famous photograph taken by Mary Ann Moorman is in Roscoe’s Witness Elimination Program Book. If you look closely, you can see a penciled “X” in the upper left corner noting where he shot JFK, approximately 8-10′ west of the corner of the fence.

Roscoe White's wife, Geneva with Jack Ruby

Roscoe’s wife, Geneva worked for Jack Ruby for a period in the fall of 1963. Just another collection of evidence found by Ricky White (Roscoe’s son) in 1982 and given to the Assassination Information Center and Gary Shaw.