Items owned by Gary Fannin

Items owned by Gary Fannin

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Lee Harvey Oswald's Ring

This ring was buried with Lee Harvey Oswald on November 25, 1963. In October 1981, his wife, Marina had his body exhumed to verify his remains. She asked Mortician Paul Groody (who buried Lee Oswald in 1963) for his wedding ring band to be returned to her. Paul took both rings from his corpse and presented to Marina. She stated, “I don’t want that ring (Calligraphy “L”), he bought that in the Soviet Union before he met me.” Paul was going to return the ring to the corpse but Lee’s casket was so dilapidated, a new casket was ordered and his remains were interred and sealed before Paul could place the ring back on his hand. Paul held onto this ring until 2005 and gave it to researcher Marshal Evans. Marshal sold this ring to Gary Fannin in 2020.

Theran Ward Death Certificate Inquest Stamp

This ‘stamp’ from Judge Theran M. Ward was used to order JFK’s Death Certificate Inquiry shortly after JFK’s death at Parkland Hospital.

AP Photographer Ike Altgens #6 Negative

This is the original 35 mm Negative taken by AP Photographer Ike Altgens as President Kennedy is struck with the first shot in the throat from the front through the windshield. The full image is shown below with many details emerging from this photograph.

AP Photographer Ike Altgens #6 Print

This image has numerous clues to what occurred on November 22, 1963. It shows JFK at the time of the first shot, shows a person who resembles Lee Oswald standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository Building, Jack Ruby (possibly) standing behind another eyewitness, LBJ’s Secret Service follow up car opening door and giving signal for LBJ to ‘duck down for cover.’ LBJ’s image cannot be seen in his car during this image. According to his Secret Service Agents Warren Commission Testimony, Rufus Youngblood said, “I turned to cover the Vice President and he was already on the floor board of the car. He either knew something in advance or he is one jumpy Son of a Bitch.”

One of only two dozen 1963 Christmas Cards signed by JFK and Jackie before they left for Dallas on November 21, 1963.  These cards were recovered by JFK’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln

6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle

This is my version of the replica rifle that Lee Oswald owned. This was given to me in May 2019 by Jim Leavelle.

Wall of Kennedy

This is part of my collection of books, most signed, and several artifacts including upper right frame of President Kennedy original invitation to his Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C. on January 20, 1961.

26 Volumes of the Warren Commission Report

All 26 Volumes of the Warren Commission Report which was released September 24, 1964.

Bell & Howell 8mm Camera

This is an exact replica of Abraham Zapruder’s camera. It still works to this day! Amazingly, it is only 2 serial numbers off from Abraham Zapruder’s original camera.

All Published Speeches of JFK as President

The three large blue books with red & gold trim contains every speech JFK gave as President either on the radio or television. The book to the far right is from Caroline Kennedy and is signed by her to me. The 1/24 scale Lincoln Continental sits in the middle.